For him and her talking about “revenge”, sometimes it can be sweet so “sweet” ….therefore my concept was to create a sensational product more like a jewellery piece …I worked on the softness side of the revenge to prove it more sensual then aggressive combining reality and fantasy in a provocative yet glamorous way while preserving the eternal aspect of the design.

Made of statuario marble top, solid brass handmade turned and polished, and a metal sheet in gun metal finishing. The brass with its golden color is the material that reflects the oriental feel through an extravagant aspect specially in a polished finishing, the marriage between “statuario” marble and brass emphasizes the required image which here is a “desirable jewel”. Adding that a white and black background accentuate the contrast for these shiny brass elements to show their splendor.

“Glory holes” is more than just an ordinary table, well for the first impression “glory holes” is a glamorous object conceived as a piece of jewelry projecting a new dimension in the world of home accessory, it’s a multifunctional object  the main function of it is a “soliflore groupage” or a group of small vases from which came the word “glory”, when gathered on the perforated marble top the whole piece form a low table, a side table as well as a sculptural decorative central piece or when turned upside down it creates a base for a bigger table top…but certainly it’s more like a interactive installation, not to mention those who have a playful kinky mind, well a “sex toy” is a part of the concept noting that the multi size phallic rods are easily removable mainly to facilitate the assemblage of the whole piece.

among publications: Design milk   –   Design Boom   –   Dezeen

photos by | Mike Malajalian