When mixing contemporary design to traditional knowhow, a new wonder is born, here is WONDERWOOD.

The limits of the design process are pushed to an extremely opposite analysis, experimenting layers of finishes and chemicals, making the final look of the product; used, rough, or as if excavated from the deepness of an old forgotten ground mixing multiple media and methods to give it the desired appearance.

For the lovers of natural wood, Wonderwood is designed as a set of multifunctional product, used as tableware or a freestanding fruit bowl or even a valet tray.

It’s about a collective work with Lebanese artisans in the marquetry field using their knowledge in the art and craft of assembling and applying pieces of veneer to a structure, to form decorative patterns ….these craftsmen are really rare nowadays.. Noting that marquetry is an artisanal industry dated since decades in the Levant region.

the concept is to create a new, yet experimental representation to the ancient marquetry as design and/or functionality, while working the very old intarsia in which a solid body of one material is cut out to receive sections of another to form the surface pattern in a trendy approach mixing different kind of solid wood from texture, colors and scents combined altogether from smaller to bigger, creating one solid piece based on a designed pattern then   manually turned on the lathe then sculpted carved and given the desired shape melting the patterns within the wooden veins, together creating  a sculptural piece of art .

Wonderwood is a 2-pieces-project:

The round clean edge finishing.

The crystallized wonderwood; with a fantasy touch when accessorized with diamond cut wooden parts, giving the look of an unfinished one item, just like a raw crystal.

Wonderwood is finally treated by hand linishing,  polishing, followed by sandblasting to give it a rough appearance, then treated with acid, and to finalize the process, a thin layer of wax is added to preserve the outward feel of the product.

Wonderwood will be showcased on a rough concrete pedestal, with an oxidized brass bracket, to provide a new      dimension in the world of home accessories from the early work process till the final result.

among publications: Design milk   –   Prodeez   –   Journal du Design

photos by | BizarreBeirut