The word “cure” means restore, so far a concern to solve an existent dilemma, in our case a potential to heal ourselves from an imaginary illness or a mental distress, otherwise to reconcile from culpabilities towards our own existence by wandering in our inner mind.

“THE CURE” (HEAVENLY PIE(A)CES)  is an assortment of unconventional, serene yet hypnotizing white on white blended set up conceived as an experimental installation yet an interpretation of our inner spiritual substance with a deep therapeutic message associated with the notion of time and the philosophy of karma with its idea of renaissance after each failure moment creating an influential emotional charge reflecting forgiveness and self-reconciliation.

As time is not an object or substance we can touch or see, not just a dimension, a quantity or a concept, however it has many aspects and appears to represent different things to different people in diverse circumstances. Another way of looking at time is as the totality of three separate elements: past, present and future, while considering the past, living the moment though getting ready for the future/eternal life. Knowing the end of time awaken in us alertness for every moment of existence, this motivate us to disconnect from the present nevertheless overcome the harms of the history by focusing on the prosperous indefinite instant in a peaceful neutral kind of mania.

The collection is made of white powder coated aluminium structure with various other materials such as brass, neo-cement, suede, Carrara marble and couture handmade embroidery with beads pearls and silk..

THE CURE includes an armchair, a pendulum clock and a wall mounted lighting fixture, each one has a significance related to the theme;

– The arm chair’s back in a Headstone silhouette with a message of destiny and regeneration.

– The pendulum clock correspond to time plus how to catch the moment before it’s too late, yet it shows there is always brightness/hope at the end of the darkness.

– The wall mounted lighting represented by a halo or an aureole with rays of light in a circular shape yet a glowing disk symbolizing majesty or prominence of the soul.

Photos by | BizarreBeirut