For the lovers of hybrid objects, I believe a product should be designed and sculpted as an art piece; it starts with a dream, passes by the first lines to end with the desired result, without messing with the main aim of it, which is the usage.

Mixing different materials together in order to create a beyond an ordinary functional product but in a chaotic order with a touch of imaginative visualization, creates my entitled “profane “.

It’s a multifunctional design product with an edgy concept, consisting of multiple-sized concrete domes as bowls and marble discs as trays connected to removable conical metaphorical tubes or legs made of brass and/or copper twisted, turned or 3d printed representing architectural forms and shapes.

The product is a philosophical fusion with a symbolism of iconic architectural and ornamental elements inspired from the combination of roman, baroque, Indian, byzantine religious places and castles interpreted into smaller mystical shapes sometimes to cover or to hide and seek a certain reality, or to highlight another – from where the big title under “profane” is “see, hear, speak”.

Profane is another divinely sensational design that can be used as a decorative and practical home accessory for a daily use like presentation bowls, serving trays or buffet setup or even as a surrealistic purpose like most my hybrid objects.

If we combine the different parts of “profane”, we can make unlimited pieces with variations in heights and functions.

Why profane

because it’s not concerned with any religion or religious purposes, it hypnotizes you till your vision lose focus and you start wondering about the story behind those different objects.

You will figure it out, a magical harmony of “secrets “revealing the factual spirit behind the design concept.

photos by | BizarreBeirut