From the Khayzaran/fairuz series here it is “everlastingreen” central table made in vert Gauguin marble.
Lebanese culture is influenced by the Levant, Ottoman and Mediterranean civilizations around, even though it has its own lines, shapes and materials which are typical in its architectural compositions.
Regarding the furniture, they are actually very few in variety, limited but mostly functional…
One of the most used is the “khayzaran” chair; made of wooden structure, 4 legs linked together with wooden arcs, it has a high back, the seat made of rattan with a typical geometrical pattern all handmade, it has in fact its charm, used by poor to rich communities, young to older generations.
Nowadays this chair is barely seen in some old houses or restaurants. It’s like fading in our memories.

Khayzaran / Fairuz concept is to revitalize this “Lebanese icon” rework the structure, emphasize and soften the lines giving it a fashionable twist following the trend making it present in our new minimalistic or industrial interiors preserving the main identity.
The perception is to create diverse home furniture, accessories and items using this “khayzaran” chair configuration, making it lower with arms or lounge chair, making it as a stool, bench, low, central and side table, etc… Changing and playing with the volumes empty/plain, slim/fat, high/low, large/thin, use different material combination such as solid wood, brass, and leather creating different shapes from the same old pattern.

Khayzaran/Fairuz ‘s main objective is to bring back to life an object or different kind of home accessories used while sipping coffee, playing card, eating around a table, furniture that witnessed war and peace, funerals and wedding events.. Now let’s remove the dust, display the whole set fully dressed and let them show off.

among publications: Yatzer (Best of Dubai Design Week 2016)

Photos by | BizarreBeirut